A great diet – proven…


Those who have chosen healthy diet must have heard stuffs like this again and again “Just this little stuff won’t kill you…c’mon, live a little”. At such statements, I usually respond with a grin or chuckle, but inside of me, I wear a sad, depressed face. Science warns that taking “just that little stuff” of processed chemical-preserved item consistently, as it is commonly done, will most likely kill you.

Don’t get it twisted; I’m actually not speaking against once in a while kind of indulgence. As much as I have often caught myself plowing through that big pizza and getting real hard on red wine again and again, I still maintain a distance away from fake processed foods, at whatever cost.

Here are three (3) scary numbers that would make you have a rethink on processed food items;

5,000 –U.S Food and Drug Administration approves 5000 different chemicals in the food items we consume

70- Of the foods we eat, 70% are refined with chemical ingredients

75– 75 percent of the items you pick from the shelves of grocery stores are altered with genetically modified organism components.

Are these processed foods really that bad?

I was also curious about this for years while I just couldn’t help scarfing on some cocoa pebbles, Velveeta Shells and cheese, and McDonalds’ cheeseburgers. It was so amazing when I came across this in the renowned American Associations’ Journal:

Poor eating habit kills more people yearly than smoking does

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Processed foods will:

Cause Obesity

Make you burn off 50% fewer calories

Causes your gut to lose balance

Cut short your lifespan

Now, what diet is best for longevity and good health?

Fast food and food items with high sugar contents can be a significant health risk to us. However, here is something revealing that you may be ignorant of. Dr. David Katz of Yale University School of public health led a research team in 2014. They critically studied the primary sources of our conventional diets: Low fat, low carbohydrate, mixed/balanced (DASH) low glycemic, Palaeolithic, Mediterranean and Vegan.

Their report; “Can We Say What Diet Is Best for Health?” gave the following:

A diet of low processed foods with natural contents (majorly plants) is excellent for a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases.

Now, if you have been craving for the best diet, search no more. It is all pack in three simple words: eat real food.

Now, what is “real food?”

By real food, we mean food from the earth or from animals that feed on natural foods. These sorts of foods are the best type of diets because they are more of plants, like nuts and seeds, leafy vegetable, fruits and whole grain. When you visit a grocery store, you will find the real foodstuffs at the outside aisle. Perishables are great. Your food items should go bad.

Next time you hit the stores to buy packed foods, checkout for an ingredient list and ingredients you think are real foods. If you think some ingredients sounds like chemical, then go for another product. Recently, food companies are permitted to put in some sneaky ingredients in packaged foods. One of the most common ingredients you’ll see is “Natural flavours” .The problem is that they are anything but natural.

These food companies and scientists are allowed to use the term “Natural flavours” to refer to items got from nature. But these companies usually include various ingredients, natural and artificial, and still put up a “Natural flavour” label

According to David Andrews who is a researcher at the Environmental Working Group, between 80% to 90% of items with “natural flavour” tag contains preservatives and solvents.

Final Note

Firstly I would like to thank my new dietitian for this great diet and help, she has been amazing and I am really thankful. I met her and her husband recently at my home and they are lovely people. Her husband works as a garden services person, and I was so impressed with him, I not only was so impressed by the diet but also by his great company, who are here if you need trees trimming or trees managed.

If you don’t have a precise knowledge of what an ingredient is, simply drop the food item and opt for something you are sure of. Eating real food is a lifestyle, though it requires time and determination to adapt to a new lifestyle, but if you patiently remain on the course, you’ll soon find yourself treading a whole new path of real nourishment, and you will definitely begin to feel and look healthier than you have ever been