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Try and bring your kids up properly


Restrict their regular access to pleasure

We all know that childhood is the most easygoing period in as man’s life, but there should also be a sense of restrictions and not just playing! Playing! Playing! You have to restrict those accesses to phone, computer or video games, just so that you could help your child focus more of his time on things that could improve his life rather than wasting it on inconsequential things. This doesn’t mean you should sentence your child to hard labor, but make them responsible for some things before they get on Minecraft world for the night. Assign duties that suit their age-grade, and make sure you are satisfied at the completion of their homework before you let them off the chain.

Don’t always defend them or coddle them

With my experience working at schools, I’ve noticed how a lot of parents pick-on the teachers when their child comes home with poor grades. The teacher is not to blame on this – except the entire class had the same bad grade, which is nearly impossible. Instead of taking sides with your kids in regards to their responsibilities, check on what they are not doing well enough and what you also could do better for them.

Yes, nobody is perfect, but acting like your child is a unique “God sent” to earth, you are only preparing them to be great failures in near future.

Teach them to own up to their shortcomings

As parents/guardians, you need to train your kids to claim responsibility when they make mistakes. However, this doesn’t mean you should teach them to accept failure though. It is common for some kids to believe “I’m just not good at maths” which makes them reluctant to improving their skills in mathematics. Don’t make your children grow with this mindset; rather, train them to know the gain in working hard to overcome their weaknesses. It’s nice to do well in your field of talent, but a much more prominent achievement to excel in areas you have once recorded failure in.

Instill in your kids the idea that hard work will eventually result in success in a way or another.

Strictly monitor their allowances

As a kid my mother taught me a system where a specific sum of my periodic allowance is set aside for short-term savings (for little toys and games), long-term savings (e.g. for video games etc.) and serious savings (to be kept in a savings account). That system has till today instilled caution for money in me. Helping your kids to understand the value for money from a tender age, will go a long way in helping your child’s financial future. As your kids grow up, don’t build the mindset in them that money just gets out from a machine (the ATM) any time it is needed.

Instil the benefits of hard-work in them

Don’t allocate allowances to them on a platter of gold. Ensure they know how money is earned. Though they may not be happy mowing the lawn in summer, or scooping the driveway in winter, but build in them soon enough, the consciousness that they have to work, for money to be earned. They also enjoy their toys and games more if they are earned and tend to take proper care of these properties when they recall the hard-work they had to go through to have them.

Don’t break/bend your rules

It is common and very natural as a parent to ignore the rules for “just this once”, mostly at such times when you are too occupied with work and other commitments. But you are only creating a loophole for your kids to always look for how they can escape the punishment for breaking the rules. When your kids know you are not strict with your rules, they will always think the rule may be ignored again “just this once”. So make them know the rules are unbend able and always stands. Also, try to make sure your spouse is with you on this. So your home is not like one where you have parents fight because one seems to be more lenient.

Teach them gratitude

Teach your kids the act of giving and to imbibe hospitality at a young age. There are a lot of kids people think are wiser than their peers; this is because their parents have given them proper training on how to be caring and giving people. Be a model to them on courtesy, by using kind words like “please” and “thank you” to other adults. You can also assist them in writing notes of appreciation to their friends who made it to their parties. Teach them to give out toys that are less useful to them to less privileged children. Kids will grow up to become well-organised adults if they are taught to be, from a tender age.

Don’t always be their best friend-Set limits

Yes, you have unconditional love for your kids; however, you are the number one adult that has their interest at heart. By being too close to them is like opening a can with worms which is now impossible to close. It’s great to make your kid stir up the kid part of you, but you shouldn’t be such a parent that would let the child keep late nights on horror movies and games when he has to go to school the next morning. Always be there for them, but don’t always make them have their way just because you want them to think you are the best mom/dad.